I’ve been in Phuket for less than 24 hours and I’ve just had my ass handed to me on a platter, thanks to trainers Evalina and Mitch at Titan Fitness.Titan Fitness Sign

Most people come to Phuket to party…I’ve come on a 6 week training holiday, because goals.

I’m staying in Chalong, Phuket on a street known as Fight Street, because of the huge number of Muay Thai gyms, gyms, fitness camps and health food stores along the strip.I did heaps of research before choosing which camp to sign up to, because I’m picky and want the best value. Eventually I decided on TF.

I’ve signed up initially for 30 days of unlimited HIIT classes, strength & conditioning classes, yoga, 2 x weekly muay thai sessions, 1 x beach session workout, and unlimited access to the gym. AKA as Titan Fitness’ Rip 360 Program.

I know, I know.

I’m in my element.


This morning, after not eating since 6pm the night before, I thought I’d jump right in. Test out the closest camp, meet some people, scope out the vibe…one 45 minute cross-training class, and one 60 minute Body 360 class later, I was done.

It was death.

Cross-Training Session
2 rounds of inch-worm push ups, forwards and backwards
2 x laps around the camp
21/15/9 reps of the following:
Pull Ups
Then 2 x laps around camp
21/15/9 reps of the following:
Upright barbell rows
Box jumps
Then 3 x laps around camp

Titan Fitness

After this I was pretty tired destroyed, and I was hangry. However everyone else was waiting for the next class – the Body 360. I pretty much had nothing left in the tank but…I am here for a reason, so might as well go hard or go home! I was told it was usually slightly easier ’cause there were more rests.

Lies. It was one of the regular’s last day, so Mitch and Evalina had cooked up something extra special.

Body 360 Session
1 x run around the block, 10 jump squats, 1 x sprint finish
10 x inch worm mountain climbers
Then we split into groups of three, because we had a 1000 rep challenge. GUH!
250 x kettlebell swings / cardio – skipping
250 x kettlebell lunges / cardio – jumping jacks
250 x pull ups / core – crunches
250 x dips / cardio – sprints
While 1 member of the team was doing the exercises, the other members would do the cardio. The aim was teamwork, so as a team we needed to complete the 250 reps.

Bethany, Anastasia and I smashed it  obvs. I was completely spent by the end and promptly dragged myself to Tony’s to for breakkie. I can’t remember what I ate or what it tasted like because I was done.

From what I can tell so far, TF is pretty sweet – everyone is super friendly and really motivating – massive camaraderie vibes. I’m into it.

Going to get my Yoga on tonight..casual three-a-days.

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