It’s been 7 whole days since I hopped off the plane at HKT with my dream and cardigan…

In case you didn’t see my previous post, to end my travelling around South East Asia, I’ve come to Chalong, Phuket, to the famous “Fight Street,” the Soi Tai-Ied to train for five weeks. I’ve always wanted to come to a fitness camp – not specifically a weight-loss camp (not that they’re mutually exclusive,) so I did! I’m working out at Titan Fitness and also Chok Chai Muay Thai – owned by the Chok Chai, who fought Manny Packman back in the height of his career.

S&C Session

These guys are the real deal.

Today’s my first rest day, most people here train 6 days on, 1 day of, – two to three sessions a day. The sessions are beastly. I did my first ever CrossFit style EMOM which stands for Every Minute On The Minute yesterday, which included:

5 x Kettlebell (KB) Thrusts – 16kg
5 x KB Swings 12kg
5 x Burpees.

After S&C Class
The workout structure is this: you have one minute to complete the above workout. The faster you complete it in the minute, the more rest time you have. E.g you complete it in 40 seconds, you then have 20 seconds rest before you start again for the next minute. We did this for 15 minutes yesterday, and those 15 minutes felt like 45. Brutal.

A lot of Titan’s classes are high intensity, cardio focused classes. Lots of plyometrics, sprints and skipping. To switch things up a bit, I decided to take advantage of the Open Mat session of the day (you can use the outdoors fitness centre to do your own workout) and cranked out GVT legs session inspired by The Body Coach. 10 x 10 (sets x reps) of squats on the rack at 40kg, 5 minutes of skipping intervals, and then 5 x 10 sets of weighted lunges at 20kg.

I was done for the day after that. Finito. Finished. My booty was quivering – that’s how done I was.

Grilled Veg - Refuel!

I woke up today after finally getting a good night’s sleep sore AF – I had soreness in my knees?!?, something I’ve never experienced before and everything else just felt achy, stiff and tough. I felt like a human version of jerky. I decided that it was definitely rest day time and did some bloody difficult sun salutations to wake up – I can touch my toes, but the aforementioned jerky-like body is making it slightly difficult.

Thanks goodness for the yoga sessions. Even though it’s bound to hurt, I’m definitely going this evening..!

8 thoughts on “Training in Phuket, Thailand

    1. I’ve yet to have my first session there yet – heading tomorrow morning so I’ll have to let you know! You must be staying close to me – I’m a 2Home.

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